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TrashOut allows you to locate and report illegal dumps in your neighborhood, your city or anywhere else in the world.


  • report illegal dumps
  • get beautiful badges as a reward for your activities
  • see illegal dumps on TrashMap
  • all reports are synced within your account


  • application is using GPS data which could decrease your battery life
  • application is using internet connection to sync reports online
  • allowing application to use your internet connection will rapidly improve time needed to report illegal dump

Maybe your reports will be shown in your local television or newspaper:



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Neulogy logo is a great example of how new techology can be used to make a positive impact in the "analogue world".

The beautiful design and great UI makes TrashOut stand out from their competitors, and makes it a real pleasure to use. We believe TrashOut can make a change. After all, if you can help with just a few taps, won’t you?

Jaroslav Ľupták (Neulogy)