Let`s locate all illegal dumps in cities and nature

  • World initiative to locate and report all illegal dumps
  • Less illegal dumps in your neighborhood
  • Cleaner environment and healthier planet for everyone

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What happens with illegal dump after you report it?
Check it out !

Start helping in 3 easy steps!

Install App
1st step

TrashOut is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone .Install this app today and start reporting illegal dumps. This planet needs your help. We count on you :)

Report Trash
2nd step

When you find illegal dump, use the TrashOut app to report it. Take a photo of it, define its size and type, or add a comment. Your report will appear in the TrashMap.

Take Action
3rd step

TrashOut project will support local governments, enviro organizations and waste companies in your region.We will notify you about the progress.

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Somebody should do something about that... then I realized I am somebody.”
Lily Tomlin

Why is illegal dumping a problem?

Allowing illegal dumping has a great negative and fatal impact on our environment and all living organisms (both fauna and flora). It also exposes people to various risks of chemicals (fluids or dust) and is a big threat to all underwater resources.

Illegal dumps also attract all kinds of rodents and insects.
"For example, illegal dumps with waste tires provide a practically perfect place for mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes can multiply 100 times faster than normal in the warm, stagnant water in waste tires." source:South Carolina - Illegal dumping

How much does the cleaning cost?

In the UK it's over £ 40 000 000 a year! All this money just for cleaning all the unnecessary littering and illegal dumping.

Thanks to TrashOut, you can see how much your municipality spends directly on cleaning those illegal waste dumps and whether and/or how efficient and active each municipality is.

Fly tipping UK taxpayer cost (If you are municipality representative, please contact us [email protected])

Help to find criminals

There is a much greater chance to detect the producers of illegal waste dumps if people in charge are notified sooner. With TrashOut.me it takes just a few seconds. Finding criminals would help to decrease the budget spent on cleaning and prevent people from doing so.

How to join?

Get organization or company profile

It's so easy to show your activities via profiles for Organizations, Companies and initiatives.

Everything in one place, all your members, volunteers or employees know, what others are doing. Who would not prefer to work in an environmentaly friendly company?

See current organization profiles here.

Get real time notifications

All found illegal waste dumps from your area in your inbox. All needed informations like GPS location with map of area, photos, size and type of trash.

TrashOut for municipalities, counties and countries

It's very easy. Sign up, find your location in www.trashout.me/statistics page and click "Get Notifications".

Do I need to have an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone?

Yes and no.
If you are not in love with any smartphone, be in love with a person with a smartphone :). There is a great motivation to find love if you don't have one. TrashOut also works great for couples :)

What's next? Is TrashOut ready?

TrashOut.me is released, but we are planning to work hard in order to improve, optimise and make it faster, more beautiful and easier to use for everybody. We would love to hear your feedback and try to understand your needs.

Can TrashOut speak my language?


Yes, it can! You can teach TrashOut other languages. We appreciate your kind help with translating TrashOut.me platform and making it easier and more accessible for all users all around the world.
Help to translate

Is TrashOut selfsustainable?

We offer all email notifications for free. Municipalities and waste management companies pay a monthly fee for realtime data in special format.

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The best smartphone application of the year 2012

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Trashout.me is a great example of how new techology can be used to make a positive impact in the "analogue world".

The beautiful design and great UI makes TrashOut stand out from their competitors, and makes it a real pleasure to use. We believe TrashOut can make a change. After all, if you can help with just a few taps, won’t you?

Jaroslav Ľupták (Neulogy)